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Authenticate to smugmug with oAuth and c#

Some weeks ago, i tried to create a windows phone 7 smugmug app(photo browser). I had some problems with oAuth at the beginning, First, I tried the google oAuth implementation in c# with the result that the first request(AcquireRequestToken) worked, but the second request(AcquireAccessToken) failed with an invalid signature. Then i tried to implement it myself with the same result.

Even with the smugmug oAuth documentation, i found it quite hard to get it done. Some parts like the authorize parameters(public/full/read/modify) i had to figure out myself.

After some time, i found an c# oAuth class written for twitter access for cropperplugins.codeplex. With this code, i was at least able to get a proper AccessToken for smugmug. I've written a little demo application if someone else has the same problems.

To get this sample working, you only have to set you apiKey and secret. This sample will do: 1. Get a request token and a request token secret 2. Authorize the request token 3. With the request token secret, acquire a access token 4. This access token and access token secret are used for all further authentication, and should not expire until the user revokes them.

        private void AuthenticateSmugmug()
            const string apiKey = "YOURAPIKEY";//apikey from your smugmug account
            const string secret = "YOUR_SECRET";//secret from your smugmug account

        Console.WriteLine("Create new instance of OAuth Manager");
        Manager manager = new Manager(apiKey, secret);

        Console.WriteLine("Aquire a request token from smugmug");
        OAuthResponse requestToken = manager.AcquireRequestToken("", "GET");

        string oauthToken = requestToken["oauth_token"];
        Console.WriteLine(string.Format("oauthToken: {0}", oauthToken));
        string oauthTokenSecret = requestToken["oauth_token_secret"];
        Console.WriteLine(string.Format("oauthTokenSecret: {0}", oauthTokenSecret));

        //Opens your default browser and authorize your request token
        //Parameters: Access=[Public|Full], Permissions=[Read|Add|Modify]
        System.Diagnostics.Process.Start(string.Format("{0}&Access=Full&Permissions=Modify", oauthToken));

        Console.WriteLine("Please enter you credentials into the browser before continuing");
        Console.WriteLine("Press any key to continue...");

        OAuthResponse accessToken = manager.AcquireAccessToken("", "GET", oauthTokenSecret);

        Console.WriteLine(string.Format("accessToken: {0}", accessToken["oauth_token"]));
        Console.WriteLine(string.Format("accessTokenSecret: {0}", accessToken["oauth_token_secret"]));
        Console.WriteLine("Press any key to quit the application");

This is the complete source code for the oAuth sample. It's c# written in Visual Studio 10: To get this sample working, just enter your Api Key and Secret.


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wuttrain on :


Thank you for the sample code. This is very helpful. I have a question. Do you have a sample code that uploads the image to smugmug after you get the tokens?


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