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Todo for the next version of MySmug

This is the list of issues/features i have in mind. I'm not sure whether i will solve all of those, or even when. It's just to keep them in mind. Write me a comment if you have anything in mind which should be changed/fixed.

  • Save single pictures to the phone
  • Save album to the phone
  • Upload pictures from phone
  • Better panning/zooming
  • Change the image orientation based on the phone orientation.
  • Bing Map integration based on the GPS data .
  • Performance optimization(Album data caching)

Feature list Version 1.1. In submission process This was just a little bugfix release. Submission sent 06.01.2012

  • Bug fix: Album list was loaded more than once after some time.

Feature list Version 1.0. Release date: 06.01.2012

  • Authentication via oAuth
  • Album browsing
  • Pictures browsing
  • Picture details


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