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Be careful using ThreadStatic in Visual Studio unit tests

Given is a ThreadStatic field which is set to empty in the static constructor, and set by a public instance method:

    public class TestClass
        private static string threadStaticValue;
        static TestClass()
            threadStaticValue = "";
        public void SetThreadStaticValue(string value)
            threadStaticValue = value;
        public string GetThreadStaticValue()
            return threadStaticValue;

Now two unit tests check whether the threadStaticValue is set correct.

    public class ThreadStaticTest
        public void WithThreadStaticValueSetTest()
            Debug.WriteLine("Thread id: {0}", System.Threading.Thread.CurrentThread.ManagedThreadId);
            TestClass tc = new TestClass();
            Assert.AreSame(tc.GetThreadStaticValue(), "foo");
        public void WithThreadStaticValueNotSetTest()
            Debug.WriteLine("Thread id: {0}", System.Threading.Thread.CurrentThread.ManagedThreadId);
            TestClass tc = new TestClass();
            Assert.AreSame(tc.GetThreadStaticValue(), "");

Those tests will fail(good) or pass(bad) depending of whether the test engine will reuse the same thread.

Executed a second time, the result could be different.


  1. Don't use ThreadStatic at all
  2. Make sure the ThreadStatic fields are initialized correctly before using them



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